An Editor’s Year in Review

Editor's Year in Review.An Editor’s Year in Review? Already?

That’s right! It is somehow time for an editor’s year in review. This has not been the easiest year, in terms of life events for many of us, but somehow we continued moving forward.

In terms of editing, at times, it has often been a lifeline. It has been a time of new friends and colleagues, of new professional development opportunities in new editing niches, and of new ventures and projects. It has also been a time of continued education in editing techniques.

Website Redesign

This year has also meant a complete website redesign and overhaul of Natalia Iwanek Editing, as well as increased attention to the website’s accessibility features, such as AltText.

I am also pleased to announce that I have dedicated much more time to dreaming about and developing this blog. The outcome? Well, there are several new series, such as the one on my favourite parts of English grammar. Be sure to check out “A Murder of Crows and a Shiver of Sharks: An Ode to the Collective Noun.”

New Blog Series

In addition, I am also particularly proud of my “Avoiding Harm in Our Writing and Editing” blog series. Some examples of blogs include “Inclusive Language,” “Plain Language,” “Accessibility Tips,” “Disability-Affirming Language,” “The Problem with Italicizing Foreign Terms,” “The Singular ‘They,’” and most recently, “2SLGBTQIA+-Terminology.”

Editing and Building Connections

I have also spent time connecting with fellow editors. This has involved chatting about recent editing industry news, sharing grammar tips and professional development opportunities, and, of course, chatting about favourite recent reads.

And most importantly, I have also contributed several times to one of my favourite blogs, Bold Face, the official blog of Editors Toronto.

Some of my recent copy editing work has included

Learn More About Me as an Editor

You can learn more about me as an editor in the following articles: 

On a More Personal Note

On a more personal note, I have simply been enjoying life. As I am nearing completion of some courses, I have found some more free time to read simply for enjoyment. This is something that I absolutely love, but, admittedly, it is difficult to find time for in this hectic life. I have also found time to rest.

Professional Development

During the past year and continuing into January, I have been increasingly focused on professional development opportunities. I am a firm believer in life-long learning; I try to attend workshops and webinars consistently.

For example, I have recently completed a fantastic Fiction Editing course from the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. I have also attended various Inclusive Language and accessibility-focused webinars and workshops from Editors Canada, Editors Toronto, and ACES: The Society for Editing.

What’s in Store for this Year?

Well, this year, I plan to keep working on my blog. First, I hope to start blogging about my most recent reads, so please stay tuned! I also plan on expanding my “Avoiding Harm in Our Writing and Editing” blog series. In particular, I will be adding much more content about inclusive language.

In addition, I have plans to keep expanding my accessibility work.

Finally, I hope to take additional editing professional development courses. I would love to hear your suggestions!

As for other plans, well, I think that I—as much as many of us—have learned that, at times, making major life plans can be futile. Instead of any lofty goals, in 2024, I plan to keep finding joy in each day, working steadily, and enjoying myself.

I would also like to tackle my ever-growing to-read pile. (Suggestions are always welcome!).

But I should mention that one of my major personal goals is to study for my Spanish proficiency exam. Wish me luck!

What a Whirlwind of a Year This has Been. Here’s to a Great 2024, Everyone!

How was your year? What are you hoping for in 2024? For inclusive language projects, please visit my inclusive language page, which lists my full experience and rates. Questions? Comments? Contact me for more information about your project needs!

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