Sample Edit

Sample Edit.

At Natalia Iwanek Editing, I currently offer authors, content creators, and companies a complimentary 1,000-word sample edit.

In particular, you can choose a copy edit or stylistic edit or a blended copy/stylistic edit.

Specifically, you will be able to collaborate with me for the first time through this sample edit, prior to deciding to hire me for your project. You will be able to see my editing style and editing process. Additionally, you will be able to provide feedback, questions, and comments.

In turn, I will also be able to judge if I am the right editor for your project. If not, I would be glad to reach out to my network of fellow editors to see if someone would be a better fit.

What I Need from You

When connecting, please feel free to send over your file anytime. 

  • Provide the file in a Microsoft Word or Google document format.
  • Please specify if this file requires a copy edit or a stylistic edit.
  • Let me know if other editors have previously worked on this project, and if a style guide has been provided.
  • Specify which style guide you wish to follow (I can help with this!).
  • Specify which type of English spelling (Canadian English, US English, etc.) is required.
  • Finally, let me know a bit about your project! Some helpful information includes information about your intended audience, your intended genre, where this will be published, and if this will be self-published or submitted to publishers.
What You Will Receive from Me

At our agreed upon due date, I will provide you with  

  • a copy edited or stylistically edited (or a copy/stylistic edited) document (either a Microsoft Word document with “Track Changes” and comments or a Google document with “Suggested” edits and comments),
  • a general inclusive language edit
  • a clean Microsoft Word or Google document,
  • a one-page summary of my editing suggestions, and
  • a style sheet of my edits.

Let’s connect! Feel free to contact me antyime with questions or comments.

Contact Me.
Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your project further.