Natalia Iwanek Headshot. Editing Portfolio.

Hello and welcome to the official editing portfolio of Natalia Iwanek Editing.

My editing portfolio is diverse and extensive. As a copy editor, stylistic editor, and proofreader, I work with a variety self-publishing authors and clients/organizations on a diverse portfolio of fiction and non-fiction projects. These include novels, short stories, articles, web copy, company branding, personal branding, blogs, and more. 

Fiction and non-fiction editing

In fiction, I work with self-publishing authors in romance (including queer romance) science fiction, horror, and mystery genres. 

Additionally, in non-fiction, I specialize in plain language, inclusive language, and accessibility.

For copy editing, stylistic editing, and proofreading projects, please check out my services page, which lists my experience and rates. Let’s connect!

Copy Editing and Editing-Related Writing Portfolio

During my years as a freelance editor, my editing portfolio has become incredibly diverse. Despite this, I consider myself something of a specialist as opposed to a generalist. 

Although I work with a variety of clients, I specialize in certain editing niches, such as romance, science fiction, and horror in fiction. Additionally, I enjoy work on and have extensive experience in plain language, inclusive language, and accessibility. While these specific niches often apply to non-fiction editing, I also have worked on fiction projects in which I applied these skills.

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