Plain Language

Plain Language.Plain language focuses on writing directly to the intended audience. Best practices and principles include clear and concise language, vocabulary, and style.

In other words, applying this type of lens to your document will provide your readers with a clear, direct, and easy-to-understand message.

Specifically, this includes

  • writing directly to the reader,
  • applying active voice,
  • clarifying language,
  • removing jargon, 
  • reworking sentences for length and clarity,
  • restricting each paragraph to one main idea, and
  • using headings, lists, and tables.

As someone who also works with inclusive language and accessibility, I am a long-time proponent of making documents as accessible as possible. For this reason, I am a graduate of the Plain Language Certificate Program at Simon Fraser University.

Further, a great resource to learn more about this movement is Plain Canada.


Benefits of Plain Language
  • • allows the target audience to quickly understand the message,
    • allows the target audience to clearly understand the message,
    • makes the message as accessible as possible,
    • makes the message easier to remember, and
    • avoids message misunderstandings.
Editing Process

A Plain Language edit is similar to a stylistic edit.

This type of edit includes

  • an email discussion of your editing needs and project specifics,
  • one round of editing, and
  • a follow up email discussion regarding any clarifications or questions.

At our agreed upon due date, I will provide you with  

  • a stylistically edited document (either a Microsoft Word document with “Track Changes” and comments or a Google document with “Suggested” edits and comments),
  • an extensive plain language edit, 
  • a list of recommended resources,
  • a clean Microsoft Word or Google document,
  • a one-page summary of my editing suggestions, and
  • a style sheet of my edits.

In addition to plain language editing, I offer writing and re-writing. Price points depend on project requirements. 

Please connect anytime to discuss your editing needs.

Plain Language Terms and Conditions
  • All prices are quotes in CAD.
  • Upon receipt of documents, a contract will be sent to the Client, which must be signed prior to commencing work.
  • This contract will establish scope of work, expectations, and timelines.
  • A 50% deposit must be sent via e-transfer or PayPal prior to the Editor commencing work.
  • The remaining 50% will be due within 10 days of completed work and receipt of Editor invoice.
Contact Me.
Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your project further.