Inclusive Language

Inclusive Language.

Inclusive Language 

Inclusive, or Conscious, Language focuses on ensuring respectful and equitable representation of equity-deserving communities when writing and editing text. This means adhering to best practices and ever-evolving terminology.

Benefits of inclusive language  include

  • avoiding unintentional use of outdated and harmful terminology, as well as stereotypes and tropes,
  • deconstructing unconscious biases, and
  • fostering a sense of inclusion.

Inclusive Language Rates


I offer a variety of inclusive language services, including writing copy, as well as editing existing copy, with price points depending on requirements. 
I also offer Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Style Guide Development, as well as policy work,

Please contact me to discuss your inclusive language needs.


*All rates in CAD unless otherwise noted


Copy editing, stylistic editing, proofreading, seo-content writing, plain language, and sensitivity reading services are also available.

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