Stylistic Editing

Stylistic Editing.Stylistic Editing Defined 

Known as the second stage of editing, stylistic editing (or line editing) focuses on the clarity, meaning, language, and flow of the text. 

In other words, during a stylistic edit, I will consider the construction of your sentences to ensure that they are clear and use appropriate language.

Admittedly, this is my favourite type of editing. However, in my opinion, stylistic editing is also the most challenging. This is because I am tasked with improving readability and flow, while dutifully conserving the your voice and style. 

In many ways, stylistic editing can be considered a conversation and collaboration between author and editor. However, the end result will be the best possible manuscript for your readers.

For this reason, I believe that a sample edit is incredibly important. It can help you decide if this partnership is a good fit.

Stylistic Editing Rate and Process

For both fiction and non-fiction, my rate is $45 CAD per hour (at 4 pages per hour – 250 words per page).

This includes

  • an email discussion of your editing needs and project specifics,
  • one round of stylistic editing (and general inclusive language review), and
  • a follow up email discussion regarding any clarifications or questions.

At our agreed upon due date, I will provide you with  

  • a stylistically edited document (either a Microsoft Word document with “Track Changes” and comments or a Google document with “Suggested” edits and comments),
  • a general inclusive language edit, 
  • a clean Microsoft Word or Google document,
  • a one-page summary of my editing suggestions, and
  • a style sheet of my edits.

Although not optimal, at times, this stage can be combined with a copy edit. Please contact me for a quote.

Additional Information

During my editing process, I adhere to Editors Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards.

For more information on this type of editing, check out my blog articles on “How to Choose an Editor” and “What Types of Editing Services are Available.”

Stylistic Editing Terms and Conditions
  • All prices are quotes in CAD.
  • Upon receipt of documents, a contract will be sent to the Client, which must be signed prior to commencing work.
  • This contract will establish scope of work, expectations, and timelines.
  • A 50% deposit must be sent via e-transfer or PayPal prior to the Editor commencing work.
  • The remaining 50% will be due within 10 days of completed work and receipt of Editor invoice.
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