Sensitivity Reading Rates

Sensitivity Reading Rates.

Sensitivity reading has become increasingly popular in the writing, editing, and publishing industries.

At times known as authenticity reading, sensitivity reading can be defined as the process of as hiring a reader from a certain identity, lived experience, or cultural background to read your document or manuscript for inadvertently offensive content, stereotypes, non-inclusive language, implicit bias, inaccuracy, and misrepresentation of equity-deserving communities.


Why is Sensitivity Reading Important?

Apart from the knowledge that we are treating equity-deserving communities with respect, inclusivity, and due care—without causing harm—sensitivity reading is important because it improves the quality and standard of the work, especially in terms of authenticity. It may also shield the author from unintended audience criticism.


What Do I Offer as a Sensitivity Reader?

You may be asking; why should I hire Natalia Iwanek as a sensitivity reader? To this, I reply that there are many absolutely brilliant sensitivity readers, and I am humbled to include myself among this group. In all honestly, this is a question only you can answer.

Choosing a sensitivity reader depends on what you need exactly as the client. If you are looking for a sensitivity reader from a lived background of disability and immigration— and once we discuss the specifics— I may the right fit for the project if your character sounds like me.

If I am not, I will be sure to ask my network if we can find someone who is a better fit. In the end, both you and I want your project to succeed even if we will not be working tougher this time.



I offer sensitivity reading on a variety of topics, based on my personal lived experience and expertise. In particular, I focus on

  • Disability,
  • Person-First versus Identity-First Language,
  • Disability and Travel,
  • Accessibility and Systemic Barriers,
  • Intersections of Disability and Class,
  • Intersections of Disability and Queerness,
  • Chronic Illness,
  • Immigration,
  • Eastern European Diaspora, and
  • 2SLGBTQIA+ Topics.

For topics and identities outside my scope, I would be very happy to refer you to my network of peers and colleagues.


Sensitivity Reading Rates

My sensitivity reading rates are industry standard, with both fiction and non-fiction at $100 CAD per 40 pages (approximately 10,000 words). Please note that these rates do not include editing services or plain language services.

Following my reading, I provide clients with a detailed summary of my suggestions, as well as explanations of word choices. I also provide “Comments” in the margins with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes or Google docs.


Would you like to find out more?  For sensitivity reading projects, please visit my sensitivity reading page, which list my full experience and rates. Questions? Comments? Contact me for more information about your project needs.

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