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Headshot of Natalia Iwanek. Smiling white person and Toronto-based copy editor, proofreader, and writer with black framed glasses, long brown hair, and white shirt, black sweater, against a blurred, brown brick background.Hello and welcome, friends!

If you’d like to learn a bit about me and my editor background, allow me introduce myself. Hi! I’m Natalia, a freelance Canadian copy editor, stylistic editor, and proofreader. (Sample edits are available to see if this working relationship is a good fit).


I focus on romance (including queer romance), science fiction, horror, and mystery genres. 

I also specialize in plain language, inclusive languageaccessibility services and offer sensitivity reading on a variety of topics to ensure the authenticity of your manuscript. 

But who is Natalia, really?

As a lifelong learner and admirer of language nuances and quirks (I’m a big fan of collective nouns, idioms, the semi colon, the em dash, and the serial comma), copy editing, stylistic editing, and proofreading always seemed to be what I was destined to do.

I would say that my editing journey began many years ago; from an absolute love of reading and writing to time spent in various geographical locations (Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, and Poland). In particular, these experiences granted me a lifelong love of books and the opportunity to speak several languages, including English, Spanish, Ukrainian, and limited working-level Polish. 

The journey to becoming an editor.

Editor Background. Copy Editor.
Copy Editing
Editor Background: Education

My unique background led to a pursuit of an editing-specific education. I have an educational background in English Literature and Political Science and certificates in Editing and Plain Language.

  • Editing Certificate – Simon Fraser University. Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Plain Language Certificate – Simon Fraser University. Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Arts: English and Political Science (with Distinction) – Athabasca University. Athabasca, Alberta (awaiting credential)
  • Bachelor of Arts: International Relations – York University: Glendon College. Toronto, Ontario (transferred)
Editing Certificates and Professional Development

In addition, I have completed extensive professional development in editing from Canadian, US, and UK-based professional editing organizations, including Editors Canada, Editors Toronto, ACES: The Society for Editing, the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), and George Brown College.

  • Fiction Editing Certificate – Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)
  • Copy Editing Fiction Certificate – Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) (Lourdes Venard)
  • Editing for Conscious and Inclusive Language Certificate – Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) (Crystal Shelley)
  • Romance for Editors: Working with Archetypes, Tropes, and Genre Conventions Webinar – Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) (Megan Hennessey)
  • Immersive Copy Editing for Science Fiction and Fantasy Webinar – ACES: The Society for Editing (Kristy S. Gilbert)
  • SEO and Paid Search Course – George Brown College. Toronto, Ontario
  • WordPress for Blogging and Web Design Course – George Brown College. Toronto, Ontario

Editor Background.
Stylistic Editing
Editing-Specific Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Training

Finally, I have extensive training in editing-specific Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Accessibility (IDEA). A full list of my IDEA education, certificates, and training can be found on my Inclusive Language page.

  • Some of the Things You Wanted to Know about Alt Text – Editors Canada (Amber Riaz) 
  • An Editor’s Guide to Assessing and Addressing Problematic Content – ACES: The Society for Editing (Crystal Shelley) 
  • Tips for Editing Genres That Include Violence, Suicide and Mental Illness – ACES: The Society for Editing (Karin Cather) 
  • Gender-Inclusive Editing: Becoming a Radical Editor – Editors Toronto (Alex Kapitan)
  • Editing Indigenous Content: The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity and Respect – Editors Toronto (Kaitlin Littlechild) 
  • Balancing Cultural Sensitivity with Craft – Editors Toronto (Sangeeta Netha) 
  • Trauma-Informed Editing – Editors Transform: Editors Canada Conference (Iva Cheung) 
  • Microaggressions in Editing: Understanding Bias and Undoing Harm – ACES: The Society for Editing (Crystal Shelley)
Editor Background. Proofreading.

Additional Skills

Volunteer Experience
  • Assistant to BoldFace Editor-in-Chief – Editors Toronto 2024-Present
  • Copy Editing and Writing for BoldFace blog – Editors Toronto 2020-Present
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Task Force Member – Editors Canada 2021
  • Marketing and Communications Committee Member – Editors Canada 2021
  • Nominations Committee Member – Editors Canada 2021
  • Student Relations Committee Member – Editors Canada 2020-21 
  • Writing for The Editors’ Weekly – Editors Canada – 2020-21
Awards and Recognitions
Memberships and Affiliations
Speaking Engagements
  • Intersectional Activism in the Online Sphere – Ignite Change Conference for the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights (JHC). Edmonton, Alberta, 2023
Language Skills
  • Languages – English (Native), Ukrainian (C2), Spanish (C1), Polish (B1), French (A2)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TEFL) Certificate – University of Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Toronto, Ontario (120 hours)
  • French Immersion Certificate – Université Sainte-Anne. Pointe-de-l’Église, Nova Scotia (125 hours)
  • Advanced Spanish Certificate – Escuela Sol Latino. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (400 hours)
  • Intermediate Spanish Certificate – Ibero Spanish School. Buenos Aires, Argentina (300 hours) 
Contact Me.
Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your project further.