Editing News: February Round Up

Editing News.It’s time for some editing news! I recently wrote about “Best Books for Editors: January Round Up.”  This month, I continue with this theme, as well as sharing some professional news. (I can’t believe how busy this month has been!)

Latest Editing Reads

In terms of editing reads, I’ve started making notes on The Chicago Guide to Copyediting Fiction by Amy J. Schneider, mentioned last month. This is a fantastic resource for both newer and more experienced editors. In particular, I very much enjoyed the sections on dialogue and style sheets.

Latest Editing News

This month, in addition to copy editing, I was able to do some writing for BoldFace, including “Finding Your Editorial Niche,” and “Disability-Affirming Language: Identity-First versus Person-First Language.” (If you’ve ever wondering why I specialize in plain language, inclusive language, and accessibility, I provide a detailed explanation in these articles.)

I am also very excited to announce that I am the new assistant to the BoldFace blog (the official blog of Editors Toronto), editor-in-chief. I’m very glad to be working with the editor and the entire team at Editors Toronto.

Finally, I published a few new articles on this particular blog for Natalia Iwanek Editing. Be sure to check out “Work-Life Balance” and “Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Bookworm.”

You may have also noticed a website re-design. This included a logo and layout re-fresh, as well as the addition of new content. In addition, although I am continually working on improving this site’s accessibility, it is still very much a work in progress. My goal is to have all accessibility features, including AltText, refreshed and optimized by early March.


What are you celebrating this month? I’d love to hear your suggestions! Questions? Comments? For copy editing projects, please visit my Copy Editing page, which lists my full experience and rates. Contact me for more information about your project needs.

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